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Typical Accommodation in Tuscany

Staying at a historic estate, complete with its own Manor, an extensive garden and additional lodging options within its premises is something that can only be experienced at a widespread hotel close to Florence. This groundbreaking concept consists in providing top-class services to guests with various nearby buildings instead of a single structure. Artimino Paggeria Medicea is part of a larger hospitality complex that is nowadays the ideal destination for countryside vacations in the Region.

Other than the comfort and elegance of our 34 available bedrooms, you could live a pleasant stay at our 59 holiday apartments, completely restructured from the old borough, or one of the two nearby farmhouses. All of them count with modern-day amenities while preserving all the charm of their original architecture. Utmost privacy is guaranteed in the middle of grapevines and olive trees. Gentle breezes and skies of an intense blue will serve as an idyllic backdrop.

You can access the swimming pool and our garden by making a prior appointment to avoid crowding these spaces. Plus, the vineyard and bike trails that connect to various localities are a must for those who seek some outdoor adventures. 

In addition, you can also treat yourself to one of the restaurant’s original twist on classic Tuscan dishes. Each of one of them paired with the right cup of wine.

Feel free to get in touch with us to make reservations or if you need more information.


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