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Yoga Hotel Near Florence

Among the many advantages of staying at Artimino Paggeria Medicea, there is the ample choice of outdoor activities available for guests. Practicing yoga at a hotel near Florence would certainly be a luxury experience that you should not miss.


You can choose to take lessons early in the morning (7:00 - 10:00), which will help your mind and body start the day in the best way possible, or in the evening (17:00 - 20:00) in order to relax and find balance before getting some rest for the evening.


Inspired by Yogilates, every session can be done either privately or in a group, with a minimum of 4 people, and lasts about one hour. You will start with basic poses, better known as Asanas, and breathing exercises, then perform relaxing routines. You will start to feel better right away. Improve posture and respiration, increase overall flexibility and benefit from the positive effects this workout has over stress.


Once you are done, you can either return to your bedroom and enjoy the refined comfort of our facilities or go out and explore the natural, historic and artistic wonders of this unique territory.


Feel free to contact us to make reservations or ask for more information about this service.


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